Peoples Choice Award
Julian Wait: Old Town Tornado 2023
Ashley Bond: The Reporter

Best in Show
Ashley Bond: The Reporter

1. Ashley Bond: Upward/Onward
2. Ida Whitney: Still Dead Cooler
3. Jennifer Levins: Downtown Selma

1. Sara Dismukes: Palimpest, Hwy 231 North mm 104
2. Timothy Joe: Still Holding On
3. Joshua Hoggle: Plant Gay

1. Lisa Lenox: Memory Jug #1
2. Lisa Lenox: Gaia’s Spring Suit
3. Jennifer McConnell: The Big House

Mixed Media
1. Julian Wait: Old Town Tornado
2. Aaron Head: War Study
3. Casey Roberts: The Ancestor Quilt

1. Dori Boyd: Tortoise Rabbit
2. Warren Simons: Glass Reflections
3. Robert Quarles: Cows In The Storm